4 Daily Habits of Confident Women

We don’t enter the world with it. No one has it all of the time. Talking about it won’t help you gain it. I’m referring to ‘confidence’.

When you hear the term ‘confident woman’ most people will automatically have the image of someone in their mind. This person is always noticed, they portray accomplishment and they radiate happiness at all times!

But what is it about these people that makes them confident and successful? You see, there are certain habits of confident women that you can begin to add into your daily lives that lift your confidence, mood and happiness. You have to believe in yourself...

1 – She Uses Positive Words In Her Conversations

Words are incredibly important and so are the words that we should to use in our daily conversations. For example we can apply negative and positive vibes to different sentences that can have the same meaning. Confusing right!? Well take this example: rather than saying ‘don’t forget’ you could say ‘please remember’ instead. Why though… isn’t it the same thing I hear you ask? Well, we are all more likely to respond better to positive words than negative ones.

For this same reason we use positive messages in many of our homeware, accessories and clothing to have this same affect. Take a look at the Moodit store HERE.

2. She Has Clear Goals

A confident woman know that goals are vital, but also that in order for them to be obtainable and reachable you have an action plan to work through. It’s all about planning and strategy; otherwise a goal is simply a dream. So, if your goal is to be able to have enough money to start a new business and quit your current job you would need to have an action plan in place of how you’ll do it and work up to it. You don’t just quit your job the next day and hope for the best!

3. She Knows When To Dress to ‘feel confident’

We know that confidence is not about appearance. But, it’s good to be aware that we can all get a little boost esteem and confidence when we put on our favourite pair of jeans, our new top or we’re wearing the colour that suits our skin tone! We all that item of outfit that helps us to feel confident, powerful and like we could take on the world!

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4. She looks after herself

Self-care is the backbone to success in every way. You can’t look after others without first looking after yourself. Remember, it’s okay to not be okay, and you should speak up when you need help or to take some time out. Confident women do this regularly in order to achieve success! This could be catching up on sleep, taking a walk, painting, running, yoga, listening to music, cooking... whatever that helps you to re-charge.

Remember, it can be hard for others to always recognise when we’re struggling and many mental illnesses can be ‘hidden’. It’s for this reason we’ve created our range of mental health wrist bands to raise awareness and help others to identify how you’re doing mentally without you always having to express it. We don’t need to hide it... we should be accepting of ourselves because it’s okay to not be okay.

So come on guys, no more excuses. Right here, right now, you have the beginning steps and a simple formula to develop your own confidence and better overall mood and happiness. So start applying the above tips to your daily lives by creating and adding one ingredient at a time.

  1. Be positive in your mindset, personality and language to be listened to and admired

  2. Set your goals and plan your actions and steps to be taken to achieve them

  3. Always look after yourself and your wellbeing first and foremost

Take Care

Love Moodit x

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