Welcome to Moodit! We use colour, design and text to impact the mood of your home, office, wardrobe and well… life! Because sometimes we all need a little reminder each day to stay positive and simply just smile! We’ve all seen the countless help online to lift our moods via exercise, diet, meditation, music etc… but many people don't know that by adjusting what we see around us, we can improve our outlook and gain a better sense of personal wellbeing. Sometimes, we need a spark, a reminder or a catalyst to propel us into action or to help us to lift our mood and be more positive in our mindset and our products do just that. Ready to 'mood' your life?



We care about our products and customers and our professional designers don't just create products that look great... they are are carefully designed with your mood in mind using colours, images and text to motivate and inspire. Our small team of hand-picked designers aren't just skilled in creating stylish and fashionable clothing and accessories; they know exactly what it's like to suffer from low mood and a variety of mental health conditions and strive to ensure that our products can help everyone that sees them with gentle daily reminders to feel happier! :)


You see, when it comes to colours; surrounding yourself with objects of a certain hue can increase happiness, sharpen focus, or even influence appetite! For example, small splashes of yellow tend to make people think of summer, sunshine and flowers and yellow is connected to increased mood and mental activity. Similarly, you'll see we often use splashes of orange to lift the mood, low energy levels and because it's been shown to have an influence on your focus and concentration too. Blues and greens can be soothing and calming and when we combine these shades with subtle and popular blacks, creams and whites you can create the right surroundings and moods for your home, office, and even your clothes to keep you motivated and happier as well as looking great.


Bright colours (even in small icons) trigger neurological responses in the brain and causes the hypothalamus gland to release hormones associated with happiness. Visually seeing bright colours such as pink, red, orange and yellow help with the release of dopamine, making us feel happier and also wearing the clothes with blue causes the release of oxytocin making us feel more calm, ideal if you suffer from stress. 

From bright coloured clothes, accessories and fun wall art prints, to motivational words our products will be sure to lift your spirits. And for those that prefer a more subtle reminder there's a range of simple styles with messages on in the inner label too. Think about it... how many times have you seen someone wearing a funny t-shirt that's got everyone talking and laughing? Well... we have a few of those that are sure to spark conversation!

Words & Sayings: 

Motivational sayings and words have been scientifically proven to make us feel like we can accomplish something and make us feel good about ourselves and more fulfilled.  Thoughtful quotes in our products flow alongside your life and provide daily pick-me-ups as well as a better sense of wellbeing. 

Want a customised quote or word on a product? Let us know at contactus@moodit.store and we'll be in touch!

Environmentally Friendly

We are an environmentally healthy print-on-demand service meaning that we create and make your order once you make your purchase on our website or in store. Our brand is not fast fashion, more a "trendy" store. So, for the environmentally conscious, we are using sustainable printing techniques to avoid wasted material and stock manufacturing.

Mental Health:

This is a cause we care deeply about and we donate regularly to mental health charities. Look out for our products marked with a 'charity banner' as with every sale of these we donate £10% to mental health charities. We also provide free useful support, guides and tips for wellbeing and mood in our blog HERE.

Above all, we hope you enjoy wearing and using our products and that they help to always bring a smile to your face! Ready to mood-it?

Love Moodit x